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Small Change, Big Difference : The Art of Doctoring with Author and Physician Dr. Moyez Jiwa

Episode Notes

When’s the last time you left your family doctor’s office feeling seen, heard, and truly cared about? If you were to visit our Stories of Transformation guest Dr. Moyez Jiwa’s office in Australia, chances are that’s how you’d feel. In many other doctor’s offices, unfortunately this is not always the case.  


Case loads are heavy, hospitals are understaffed and over crowded especially nowadays, and the rate of burn out for health care providers is through the roof.


While each of us can’t solve all of the world’s problems, Dr. Moyez Jiwa, author of the book The Art of Doctoring, says to focus on the small changes we can make in our sphere of influence, that can make a big difference. It is Dr. Jiwa’s mission to help good doctors become great doctors.


So what are these small changes? In this conversation Dr. Jiwa shares his revolutionary yet simple approach to practicing medicine based on his research findings for his book. He explains why practicing medicine is like being on stage acting in a play. He also shares the lessons he learned from his multi-cultural upbringing that ultimately make him a better doctor, and gives his advice for young budding doctors.


We hope you’ll take one small step to share this podcast to make a big difference in amplifying this message and improving healthcare:)  


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